PLAYERS Scorecard

Listings by company

Not all entries from the prior list are included. Please see that list for full references.

The following list is arranged by company name, with individual entries-divided into "new hires/promotions" and "departures"-listed by date of executive change.

828 International Trading Co.

New hires/promotions:

Glen Syverston, vp, 1/22/01

Stephan Roan, senior vp, sales for North America, 3/5/01

Albany International Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Tom Mendl, director, marketing, 1/8/01

American Blanket Company

New hires/promotions:

John Ginn, sales and marketing chief, 11/13/00

Arthur T. Gregorian

New hires/promotions:

Gregory Hites, vp, operations, 2/26/01

Audrey Table Linens

New hires/promotions:

Suzy Bangs, vp, sales, 2/12/01

Audry Friedman, president, design, 2/12/01

Bailey & Co.

New hires/promotions:

Nicholas Soccodato, vp, factoring, 10/9/00

Barneys New York

New hires/promotions:

Howard Socol, ceo and president, 1/15/01


New hires/promotions:

Lester Gribetz, vp, home furnishings fashion direction, 2/12/01

New hires/promotions:

Mercedes Feller, executive director, merchandising, 11/20/00

Stephan Feuling, chief marketing officer, 11/20/00

Ronald Kraft, editor-in-chief, 11/20/00


New hires/promotions:

Gergory Ambro, senior vp and cfo, 10/30/00

Burlington House


Abe Sternberg, vice chairman of the board, 10/2/00

Central Oriental

New hires/promotions:

Mark Ferullo, president, 1/29/01

Chris Stone & Associates

New hires/promotions:

Mark Aizawa, president, 10/30/00

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

New hires/promotions:

Charlotte Moss, interior design consultant, 2/26/01


New hires/promotions:

Luci Treffiletti, Outlet Store manager, 1/29/01

Cone Decorative Fabrics

New hires/promotions:

Julie Marini, director, manufactured products, 3/12/01

Consoltex USA

New hires/promotions:

Lydia Irwin, director, merchandising, 10/23/00

Cotton Inc.

New hires/promotions:

Mark Messura, vp, strategic planning, 2/5/01

Covington Industries

New hires/promotions:

Rod Innocenti, vp, converting division, 12/11/00

Cranston Consumer Products

New hires/promotions:

Jodi Beckett, financial manager, 2/26/01

Crown Crafts

New hires/promotions:

Marcia Brandwein, director, design, 2/5/01

Davidson Cotton Co.


Bob Dellinger, president, 3/5/01


New hires/promotions:

Edward Brennan, chairman, 1/22/01

Digital Printing Systems

New hires/promotions:

Brooks Tippett, textiles product manager, 11/20/00


New hires/promotions:

Laurie Beja Miller, executive vp, merchandise and creative services, Disney Store and Disney Direct Marketing, 11/13/00

Dollar General Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Melissa Buffington, chief administrative officer, 3/5/01

Tom Hartshorn, executive vp, merchandising, 3/5/01

Bob Layne, vp, merchandising support, 3/5/01

DuPont (Apparel & Textile Sciences business unit)

New hires/promotions:

Bill Ghitis, president, home and industrial textiles, 11/27/00

Meg Burich, director, global communications, 1/8/01

Terry Davis, director, global planning and Six Sigma, 1/8/01

Jim Diandreth, director, global technology, 1/8/01

John Griffin, director, global finance, 1/8/01

Tom Kearns, director, home textiles, 1/8/01

Roz Mack, director, industrial textiles, 1/8/01

Diane O'Sullilvan, director, global products, 1/8/01

Robert Vanderkof, director, personal care, 1/8/01

Ken Takvorian, director, new business development, 1/8/01

Dan Stone, director, airbags, 1/8/01


New hires/promotions:

Gary Rosenthal, national hospitality sales manager, Techstyle Contract Division, 9/25/00

Ecom Textile Inc.

New hires/promotions:

Michael Shipps, vp, sales and marketing, 11/13/00

New hires/promotions:

Barbara Wambach, appointed ceo, 2/12/01

Elder-Beerman Stores Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Mark Zwerner, senior vp and gmm, 12/11/00

Elrene Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Brian Siegel, added coo title, 2/5/01

Mark Siegel, added ceo title, 2/5/01


New hires/promotions:

Arthur Henderson, director, sales, home fashions, 10/16/00

Louann Spirito, director, quality assurance, 10/16/00

Faribault Woolen Mills


Pete Johnson, president and ceo, 2/5/01

Federated Department Stores

New hires/promotions:

Helaine Suval, senior vp, gmm, and Macy's by Mail, Federated Direct, 10/9/00

Susan Kronick, group president, 3/5/01

Foamtex International

New hires/promotions:

Virginia Kamsky, board of directors, 1/1/01

Fred Meyer Stores

New hires/promotions:

Sam Duncan, president, 3/5/01


New hires/promotions:

Cristina Azario, creative director, 10/30/00

Franco Manufacturing

New hires/promotions:

Howard Bernstein, senior vp, global sourcing, 12/4/00

Guilford Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Karen Reichenbach, vp, marketing and licensing, 1/29/01

Hanover Direct

New hires/promotions:

Steve Goldberg, president, Domestications, 11/20/00

Tom Shull, president, ceo and member of the board, 12/11/00


Rakesh Kaul, ceo, 12/11/00

Haywin Textile Products

New hires/promotions:

Doug Hartman, vp, design, 12/18/00

Hollander Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Bob Levitt, president, fashion division, 1/1/01


New hires/promotions:

Michele Feller, assistant vp, investor relations, 1/29/01


New hires/promotions:

Allen Josephson, vp, merchandising, 12/18/00

Henry Ragin, senior vp, gmm, 2/5/01

Hudson's Bay Company

New hires/promotions:

Michael Rousseau, executive vp and cfo, 2/26/01

Hunter Douglas

New hires/promotions:

Aad Kuiper, managing director, Hunter Douglas B.V. and vp, Hunter Douglas N.V., 11/20/00

Keith Garmyn, director, operations, 12/11/00

Beth Hunt, vp, new products business unit, Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, 2/19/01

Georege Sharpe, vp, new concept development, Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, 2/19/01

IKEA North America

New hires/promotions:

Pernille Spiers-Lopez, president, 2/26/01


New hires/promotions:

Peggy Koskiniemi, president, 3/12/01


New hires/promotions:

Robert Cavanaugh, executive vp and cfo, 1/8/01

John Budd, senior vp and chief marketing officer, 2/5/01

Charles Chinni, vp, gmm for home and fine jewelry, 2/5/01


Steve Farley, senior vp, chief marketing officer , 12/4/00

Stephen Raish, executive vp/cio, 1/8/01

Randy Ronning, president, catalog and Internet, 1/8/01

Kmart Corporation

New hires/promotions:

Valeria Jewell Stokes, vp, human resources-corporate, 12/4/00

Brent Willis, chief marketing officer, 12/11/00

Richard Blunck, chief technology and eBusiness officer, 12/18/00

Steve Ryman, senior vp and gmm, home, seasonal, garden and Martha Stewart Everyday, 2/5/01

Robert Woodward, vp, consumer and market research, 2/26/01

Paul Springthorpe, vp, distribution operations, 2/26/01

Chris Cielak, vp, store operations administration, 3/12/01

Ron Lalla, senior vp, global operations, 3/12/01

Kevin Phillips, senior vp, store operations, 3/12/01

Charley Thompson, division vp, global sourcing, 3/12/01


Michael Bozic, vice chairman, 10/16/00

Kohl's Corporation

New hires/promotions:

Arlene Meier, coo, 11/27/00

Lands' End Inc.

New hires/promotions:

Jeffrey Jones, coo, 1/22/01

Brad Gillam, vp, quality assurance, 2/19/01

Donald Hughes, vp and cfo, 2/19/01

Leigh Fibers

New hires/promotions:

Bruce Brazelle, president, 2/12/01

Linens 'N Things

New hires/promotions:

Steve Silverstein, president, 3/5/01

LIS Corporation

New hires/promotions:

Stephen Russo, president, 11/27/00

Lowe's Companies

New hires/promotions:

Dawn Hudson, board of directors, 2/12/01

Robert Ingram, board of directors, 2/12/01

May Department Stores Co.

New hires/promotions:

Kathy Gentilozzi, vp, corporate human resources, 1/8/01


Jerome Loeb, chairman of the board, 3/5/01

Robert Storey, board of directors, 2/12/01

Merchandise Mart Properties

New hires/promotions:

Christopher Kennedy, president, 11/20/00


New hires/promotions:

Rocky Casteel, vp and product manager, area rugs, scatter rugs, printed rugs and mats, 10/30/00

Scott Fletcher, to head Mohawk's woven products operation, 10/30/00

Larry Hill, vp and national sales manager, 10/30/00

Jeff Jacobs, vp and product manager, textiles and imports, 10/30/00

Lance Solaroli, named vp, product and design, 10/30/00

Natura World

New hires/promotions:

Wendy Bairos, director, communications, 12/11/00

Paul Brown, sales rep., 12/11/00

Peter Koel, sales rep., 12/11/00

Phil Poppe, sales rep., 12/11/00

Susan Shaw, sales rep., 12/11/00

Neiman Marcus

New hires/promotions:

Michael Lubka, senior vp, Neiman Marcus Direct, 1/22/01

Jessica Weiland, vp, Neiman Marcus Direct, 1/22/01

Michael Crotty, vp, marketing Neiman Marcus Online, 3/12/01

Daniel Korn, executive vp, Neiman Marcus Online, 3/12/01


H.W. Mullins, chairman and ceo, Nieman Marcus Group, 1/1/01

Newell Rubbermaid

New hires/promotions:

Kenneth Morris, vp, new product development, 3/12/01


John McDonough, ceo and director, 11/6/00

99 Cents Only Stores

New hires/promotions:

John Shields, board of directors, 1/1/01


New hires/promotions:

Marla Stuchel, vp, sales and design, 10/30/00


New hires/promotions:

Tom Foster, vp, dmm, home, 3/5/01


New hires/promotions:

Tony Williams, president, 11/27/00


Chuck Hansen, ceo, 10/30/00

Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Paul Campbell, vp, labor, community relations, and diversity, 10/9/00

Judith McHale, board of directors, 2/26/01


New hires/promotions:

Randy Ronning, executive vp, 2/19/01

Ralph Lauren Home

New hires/promotions:

Nellie Frazier, national sales manager, 12/18/00

Revman Industries

New hires/promotions:

Melissa Murphy, director, merchandising, 10/16/00

Rubbermaid Inc.

New hires/promotions:

Joseph Galli, president and ceo, 1/22/01

Saks Inc.

New hires/promotions:

George Jones, ceo, department store group, 2/5/01

Sears Canada

New hires/promotions:

Mark Cohen, chairman and ceo, 1/29/01

Shaw Rugs


Shields Smith, director, licensing and marketing, 10/9/00

Sheridan Australia

New hires/promotions:

Terry Soldati, president, Sheridan USA, 1/22/01

ShopKo Stores

New hires/promotions:

Brian Bender, senior vp and cfo, 10/16/00

Smith & Johnson

New hires/promotions:

Joanne Andersen, national sales manager, 2/5/01


New hires/promotions:

Robert Valone, gmm, 12/11/00

Thomas Paccioretti, president and ceo, 1/22/01

Sure Fit

New hires/promotions:

Ranjana Sharma, website project manager responsible for site administration and coordination of marketing and design initiatives, 11/6/00

Traci Benjamin, retail merchandising manager, 11/13/00

Sarah Falcinelli, retail and merchandising director, 11/13/00

Barbara Gatens, to handle catalog accounts, 11/13/00

Bolanile Jacobs, marketing and manager, photography and multimedia, 11/13/00

John McCarthy, to work with specialty chains and television shopping accounts, 11/13/00

Jeanie Monroe, creative director responsible for photography and direct marketing development, 11/13/00

Liana Toscanini, vp, insurgence, 11/13/00

Janet Solomon, added responsibility for marketing and sales coordination, new programs, 11/13/00


New hires/promotions:

Galai Silverberg, exhibit sales manager, Surtex and Surtex Gallery, 11/6/00

Target Corp.


Joel Kaplan, director, trend merchandising, department store division, 9/25/00

The Home Depot

New hires/promotions:

Mark Baker, executive vp, cmo, 10/9/00

John Herbert, president, Expo Western Division of EXPO Design Center, 10/16/00

Greg Turner, president, Mid South Division, 10/16/00

Robert Nardelli, president, ceo and board of directors, 12/11/00

The Spiegel Group

New hires/promotions:

Melissa Payner, president and ceo, Spiegel Catalog unit, 12/18/00


Michael Moran, chairman of the office of the president/ chief legal officer, 1/29/01

James W. Sievers, office of the president/cfo, 1/29/01

Thomaston Mills

New hires/promotions:

Patricia Feiwel, director, design, 11/6/00


George Hightower, executive vp and president, apparel fabrics division, 2/19/01

Neil Hightower, president and ceo, 2/19/01

Stewart Davis, executive vp and president, consumer products division, 2/19/01

TJX Cos.

New hires/promotions:

Alex Smith, executive vp, group executive, international, 2/26/01

T.K. Maxx.

New hires/promotions:

Paul Sweetenham, president, 2/26/01

Tuesday Morning Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Michael Marchetti, senior vp, strategic planning, 2/19/01

Victorian Heart Company

New hires/promotions:

Dale Tokvam, director, trade show operations, 1/8/01


New hires/promotions:

Kimberly Winckler, design director, 12/4/00


New hires/promotions:

Jim Haworth, executive vp, operations, Sam's Club, 12/11/00

Celia Swanson, executive vp, membership, Sam''Club, 12/11/00

Phil Sutterfield, executive vp, merchandising, Sam's Club, 12/11/00

Warner Brothers

New hires/promotions:

Mary Hume, general manager, Latin American office, 12/18/00

Warner Bros. Consumer Products

New hires/promotions:

Nairi Gardener, senior vp, finance and operations, 11/27/00

Melissa Wong, vp, retail business development, 11/13/00


New hires/promotions:

Carolyn D'Angelo, vp, marketing and licensing, Lifestyle Group, 10/2/00

WestPoint Stevens

New hires/promotions:

Cynthia Lerner, vp, sourced and terry design, 10/23/00

Jonathan Orr, vp, print design for WestPoint Stevens, 10/23/00

Chip Fontenot, president and coo, 12/18/00

Anita Zampino, to manage all product and business aspects of Disney Home, 3/12/01

Megan Tammaccio, design manager, Disney Home, 3/12/01

Rob Sudars, creative dir., 3/12/01


Tom Ward, president and ceo, West Point Stevens, 10/16/00


New hires/promotions:

Dale Hilpert, ceo, 2/19/01


New hires/promotions:

David Strickland, senior vp, marketing, 10/16/00

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